Are you having relationship problems?

We provide online and phone couples retreats and relationship counseling.

Dr Scott Terry relationship coach

We’re here to provide you with the relationship advice you need and to help you solve relationship problems, build a strong relationship and live fulfilling lives.

We have helped couples in all stages of their relationships: just dating, engaged, living together, married for years, on the verge of divorce or already divorced (but co-parenting).

Get help by signing up for a Restarting Relationships retreat

We have also helped with other relationships. For example, we can help heal problems between a brother and a sister, between parents and children (even if they are grown up) or between close friends and business partners.

We provide customized couples retreats (one couple at a time) that can help you in this process. And we do our best to make this an enjoyable experience because that’s how your life together is supposed to be. If your partner doesn’t want to come, you can just do the intensive work by yourself.

We also provide concierge couples counseling services.

Learn to take care of yourself

Because we realize you can’t love someone else fully till you have learned how to love yourself, we start by focusing on you. We help you clarify what you want to achieve in your life. We show you how to take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Learn how to take care of “us”

We show you deal with your relationship problems and how to restart your relationship. We explain how to build a new one based on new rules, real communication, better coordination of your lives, deeper connection, trust and love. We show you how to support your partner’s growth, so that you can both achieve your goals.

Why restart your relationship instead of renewing it?

Often in relationships things happen. We say things in haste and hurt one another’s feelings. Sometimes infidelities can take place. So a body of bitterness can build up. Whilst understanding the past and how this has happened does help, it is far better to focus on moving forward and starting again afresh than it is to become lost in our stories, lost in our hurts and lost in the past. That will not help either of you. We’re here to help you learn how to build a really strong new relationship and to lead fulfilling lives. That’s what’s really important.

We can’t guarantee that you will stay together. But either way, we can help you to still communicate better (which can be needed especially if there are children involved) and we can help make the divorce process less stressful. The real aim is to help you both lead better lives, whether together or apart.

Here’s what some couples have said about Restarting Relationships:

“helped my wife and I through the journey to partnership. Without him we would have ended up somewhere short of there.”

“helps me to see the big picture and provides simple tools to identify and change old habits and responses. I am a better person, and a better husband, … And, my marriage is full of a new and deeper love.”

“provides a safe, non-judgmental zone for my husband and I to explore ourselves and our relationship. He talks with us in our individual personal language, understanding what helps us to get it! … helps teach us new tools and different ways of looking at the issues in order to reach our personal goals. In learning what makes me ‘me’, I have fallen in love with my husband again!”

“Thank you for working with us. You have changed our lives – or we have changed our lives. Thank you.”

We look forward to helping you grow in unity

Our aim is to help you solve your relationship problems so you can grow together and to help each other live great fulfilling lives.

With warm wishes,


Dr. Scott Terry