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How To Create A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) For Your Partner

Kanban board for Performance Improvement Plan for partner at home

For those that work in the Information Technology arena, you may be familiar with a Performance Improvement Plan or PIP. Basically it is a plan to improve an employees performance at work.

If you decide to set plans for each other in this way at home, a bit more compassion and understanding is required. But as a day to day way to manage the household chores, it might work quite well.

What is involved in a Performance Improvement Plan?

One of the Agile team approaches is to have a task list and to move the task (generally electronically in an app) to another side of the board indicating that the task has been completed.

If you decide to take a more manual approach, you would write up all the tasks / chores on post-it notes. You could assign who is to complete said chore. Or have different colored post-its for each of you. Then when the person does it, they move it to another area to indicate that it is done.

In a recent TikTok, a lady who decided to do this with her boyfriend calls it a Kanban board. This is because of an app often used for it.

It is a clear and simple way to see at a glance which tasks have been completed.

What else can you do?

You can review each person’s success (or failure) at completing the tasks in a weekly review meeting.

But this is where the empathy and understanding should come in. If you know your partner has had to do overtime at work, don’t be as upset if they haven’t done their half of the chores.

So creating a performance improvement plan for your partner is a good idea. But only if it is used with love.

If you need help implementing this or working out other issues with your relationship, please schedule a session with us.