Frequently asked questions

Q: Why would I choose to go on the retreat rather than just using a book or CD?

A: The couples retreat is an intensive way to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. You also get the value of directly discussing your situation with Dr Scott Terry. And you get some exercises tailored to your specific needs.

Q: Is this couple’s counseling?

A: Yes. Dr Scott Terry is licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The retreat provides intensive counseling. If issues arise that will require follow-up, Dr Scott Terry can provide follow-up phone or Skype sessions or he will refer you to a therapist in your area for more work.

Q: Is this covered by medical insurance?

A: Insurance only ever covers one session (e.g. an hour) per day per person. A lot of insurance companies do not cover couples counseling anyway. However, follow-up sessions by phone or video conferencing may be covered by your insurance depending on the cover you have.