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Why Bother Signing Up For A Couples Concierge Service?

Unhappy couple who need concierge service

When you are working on strengthening or securing the future of your relationship, sometimes it can help to have the concierge service of a couples counselor on hand to call on when you need help the most. For example, when tempers are burning hot and you are both saying things you know are sensitive and could lead to divorce, it can help to have a quick chat with an experienced couple’s counselor. The counselor can help you both to get a better perspective, calm things down and take the focus in a healthier direction.

Signing up for a concierge service means that you can have these short immediate counseling sessions via phone or video rather than waiting for a regular counseling session. Of course, if you are having the argument at midnight when you should both be in bed, your counselor may not be available. But during normal daytime hours, you are normally able to have at least a quick chat within an half to an hour of calling for assistance.

Waiting a full week to resolve an issue in a normal couples counseling session can be dangerous. When each person takes time to brew on an issue, generally it only gets worse. Whereas a bit of clear communication between both parties is often all it takes to settle the matter, so you can both move on with the positive aspects of your relationship together.

Often after you have come for an intensive couples retreat, the occasional chat with your counselor at times of crisis may be all you need to keep making progress. So, ideally consider signing up for a couples retreat and then follow it up with concierge service. Although it may seem an expense, now you may end up saving lots of money as divorces are generally far more costly. And not just in terms of money, but also in terms of the emotional drain and sadness that it inevitably brings.

We have been helping couples for over 20 years, so we know how often couples face issues and need help. Don’t feel ashamed. It can happen to even the happiest of couples. Things come up. But it doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship. Sometimes you just need to have someone help you get beneath the words and to find out each other’s real motivations. Don’t let the bitterness build. Get help now.