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What Do You Want? How Can Therapy Help?

An excerpt from Dr Scott Terry’s book “Take Charge Of Your Life“:

“Therapy is finding that message in a bottle that you sent to yourself long ago, and waking up and remembering how you always wanted your life to be. Not exactly like “I want to be a fireman, teacher or doctor when I grow up”, but the kind of person you intended yourself to live as, like “a good person who makes a real difference in this world”. Unfortunately now you realize that life is short, and that you haven’t managed to make as much of a mark as you would have liked and that time is running out.

You realize that you have been procrastinating way too much, blaming others and the world for your problems, and you now need to turn back to yourself, and go, “it’s time, it’s my time in life, my time to get back on course and do what I was here in this world to do”.

You might not know what exactly it is that you want to achieve, but you probably know the kind of person you wish to become. And now it is just about stopping the petrifying fear that we are all feeling, and saying to yourself, “now is my time, and now I will start down that road, wherever and however it will lead me. I need to be, me.”

As you free yourself from having to live under the shadow of your fears, real or unreal, you will realize that what you have said to yourself that is so important and that you can’t live without like more money, more things, more people to love you and to give to you, is not really what matters at all.
Your focus should more have been, how can I be more loving and giving to myself and to the world that I am part of, without getting lost in myself, or in the world that I am part of, and finding that balance in me, now, not out there, or with them, or the stuff, but in me.

What is the “more” that you have been seeking? What do you really want from your life? Ask yourself, honestly “what happened to me and how do I not get trapped in that, and create something for me now?” What is the next step? How do you want to create your world afresh?”