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To Be Right Or To Be Happy?

An excerpt from Dr Scott Terry’s book “Take Charge Of Your Life“:

“One of the mistakes we all make, especially in relationships, is that we want to be “right”. Often it is better to give a little for the sake of the happiness of the relationship than insisting on something. Think of the big picture. Does it really matter that much to you? Sometimes you just have to let go of trying to be right and to holding on to your stubborn way of acting. Just because this is what you are used to doing, doesn’t mean that it will always work for you. You have to remember to let go, and to just be you. Remember to come back to your path, your way of being, which you might have lost, so long ago.

Sometimes you need to act in a way that you know you need to, even though the little kid inside you screams, ‘but I don’t want to’. Just get done what needs to get done, so that you can actually get to the real things you need to get done, for you.”