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See Your Relationship As An Opportunity To Be Loving & To Grow & Develop Yourself

Couple being loving by hugging

It can help if you view your relationship as an opportunity for you to practice being loving. If you focus on giving, it can help you to not see it as a tit for tat exchange. Your relationship can grow into so much more than that if you let yourself fully love another person.

If you come home from work and feel tired, do some meditation or have a quick power nap or dance to some of your favorite music – whatever it takes to put you in a better mood.

Then once you are in a better mood, give your partner a hug and a kiss. Or help them to get over the tiredness they may be feeling from their day by giving them a shoulder rub. Remember – the focus is on giving.

Try this for a month and see if it changes the way you both respond and interact with each other. If you keep on giving, if they love you, eventually they will naturally want to return the favor and they will give something back. But that should just be viewed as a by-product of your own lovingness. Remember it is good for your heart to give. They are just an excuse for you to be loving.

Once you get into the habit of living life this way, you will probably find that you also want to be kinder to other people in your life like your parents, friends and co-workers.

Focusing on being loving will also help you to be less irritated and picky about things your partner does

What you choose to focus on tends to become more noticeable. So if you are focusing on being loving, a lot of petty things can drop into the background where they belong.

We all come with quirks that can either seem cute or annoying. It really often is just a matter of perspective. How open and loving our hearts are when we view others affects how we can view the same aspect of our partner.

Maybe it’s time to start practicing being loving. Try it today and see how it feels.