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How To Communicate Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Couple communicating

Couple communication can be hard. Communication with someone who does not want to talk, or does not know how to talk to you can be and is even harder. You may feel like you are getting nowhere. You may feel like they are a lost cause and this just isn’t going to work out. The person you love may just have a hard time talking, and maybe you just need to be better at listening. Not everyone talks with words.

Actions can speak louder than words

If you do not know how they feel, watch how they move. Are they nervous when they talk to you? Do they fidget or do they stand tall and look you in the eyes? You can usually tell how someone truly feels just by the ways they move when they talk to you. Never ignore body language because it actually means something.

Tone of voice

Though your partner may not talk alot, the pitch of how they say things can mean a lot. When you can know their voice pitch with certain emotions you can know how they truly feel on a regular basis. A tone of voice can mean underlying sadness, or happiness. Voice inflection can also show how someone feels.

What they say to you

The biggest indicator of how someone feels is really what they say to you. If they tell you something and what they tell you can be lined up with events then that is how they feel.  If they say something that does not line up with events then maybe they do not feel you are trustworthy. Feelings are portrayed by what the person says. If you feel like the person you are communicating with is not communicating well. The best thing you can do to help that is to speak up and use your own voice to tell them that.

The last and possibly best thing you can do for a struggling communicating relationship is to check yourself and how you communicate with that person. Is the person being difficult or are you listening to what they are saying and how they are behaving? Is the person not hearing you or are you properly showing them what you want them to hear?

Sometimes our worst enemy in communication can be ourselves. So we must break down our own psychological walls in order to help and understand and climb over others. Before you try to communicate with someone else, you should try and communicate and understand yourself first. Maybe then will communication and self expression really be seen and heard in your relationship.